What Happened in the World of Classical Music in 2020?


What Happened in the World of Classical Music in 2020?

2020 has gone down in history as the only year we all felt common feelings. We lived in such a period that I read articles and watched documentaries about how the worst happened in the second world war. Undoubtedly, it has many positive aspects, but there was a moment when I burst into tears. 

Of course, I do not equate this with the sadness of the war our healthcare workers fought, the fear of the people who got sick, the pain of the people we lost. This is very different and I know that all of us, all of humanity, are very, very sad in this sense. 

Plants Listened to Puccini…

That moment that turned me upside down in 2020, dragged me to a completely different feeling and couldn't hold back my tears was a photo frame. I couldn't hold back my tears for minutes. It is really difficult for me to express in words how I felt when I saw that frame, especially when I watched the video.   

It really reminded me of a person who has no friends left but nature. Who we are, our limitations, our strengths, our imagination, what we can do, and our hopes. Our power to create a cure out of desperation. The power of nature, how man uses and benefits from that power. 

The audience of the concert performed by The Uceli Quartet in Barcelona, ​​which I chose as the cover photo, was 2292 plants. Eugenio Ampudia, the artistic director of the opera house, was the owner of the idea for the concert, which took place at the Gran Teatre Del Liceu, namely the Barcelona Opera House (one of the most prestigious opera houses in the world). The artist also says that for this first concert after the opera house was closed for three months, he sees it as an opportunity to raise awareness of people's empathy.  

The photo of this concert deeply affected me and I think it gave everyone who watched one of the unforgettable moments of 2020.

The New Building of the 194-Year-Old Presidential Symphony Orchestra Opened…

CSO concert hall, whose construction started 23 years ago, opened its doors to art lovers on 2020 December 3. World-famous soprano Angela Gheorghiu and pianist brothers Güher and Süher Pekinel took part in the opening concert, and conductor Cem'i Can Deliorman conducted the orchestra. 

The fact that our concert hall was opened in such a difficult year has also been a source of morale, happiness and hope for us and our artists, who are very, very sad and tired of staying at home. 

The chord of the world's slowest piece that will end in 639 after 2640 years has changed in 2020..

In the eastern German town of Halberstadt, St. A medieval church located in Burchardi was named in 2001 by John Cage “Organ As Slow As PossibleHe started to play his piece. The work will be completed in 2640. A special organ was designed to play this piece because it lasted for 639 years without interruption. A selected audience was able to attend the event due to the epidemic, as thousands of people attended the first chord change in 2013. The second chord change, which took place 7 years later on September 6, 2020, took place with a limited number of viewers. The next chord change will take place on February 2, 5. Composer John Cage passed away in 2022.

Beethoven's 250th Birthday Concert Celebrated Without Audience.

Composer and pianist Ludwig van Beethoven was commemorated on the 250th anniversary of his birth with a magnificent concert in Bonn, the city where he was born, and this concert was broadcast live on TRT 2 screens. 

The East West Divan Orchestra conducted by Conductor Daniel Barenboim performed Beethoven's 3rd Piano Concerto and 5th Symphony. At the concert, 78-year-old conductor Barenboim played the piano himself and conducted the orchestra. 

In 2020, again due to the effects of the epidemic, the orchestra performed its concert in an empty hall with masks and applauded themselves again. This was again one of those moments when my eyes filled with tears. 

Stories of Ithzak Perlman…

Valuable artists, who made 2020 a little more bearable for us, took a break from the stage for a while, but because they could not take a break from music, they continued their work at home and shared most of them with us. Sometimes they showed us their rehearsals and sometimes the times they spent with their families and pets. Would we believe? The day will come when we will witness the home life of the people we love, we will listen to them live in their own homes. 2020 has been such a year. Warm and lively houses without those magnificent clothes, spotlights and make-up changed the way we look at life. At least it did for me. 

Famous violin virtuoso Itzhak Perlman made us all smile with his little Instagram stories from time to time. It's about musicians like Beethoven, Russian-American violinist Jascha Heifetz, Great impresario Sol Hurak. He said that he was trying to make us forget for a moment what was going on, and that's what happened when Perlman was telling his stories. If you wish, you can listen to the stories from Ithzak Perlman's instagram account. 

Oktay Dalaysel died in 2020 at the age of 82.

Oktay Dalaysel, who worked as a violinist for more than 40 years at CSO and continued his artistic life as a chief violinist for many years, passed away in 2020.

 Violinist Oktay Dalaysel, who served as the chief violinist of the CSO for many years, studied at the Freiburg Higher Music School in Germany after graduating from the Ankara State Conservatory High Department in 1958.

History will write for many years what we lost in the epidemic we experienced in 2020, and we will carry this pain inside us for a long time, maybe forever. In this article, I tried to write you some important classical music news of 2020 because as you know, more of them will not fit here. 

We are all a link in the chain...

It is so difficult to understand the difficulties experienced by musicians from an artistic point of view. Of course, even if we say we understand, we cannot. They were very worn out financially and morally, I think that musicians also gave the test of their lives, although not as much as health workers. The saddest thing is that they are still trying to pass this exam while I am writing this article. We all give a big test. Of course, since parter is a classical music magazine, I am referring to musicians. We are all sadly observing what all other sectors are going through, and we try to support each other as much as we can. 

We learned this very well in 2020. We are all a link in the chain, everyone working or not working, all sectors, when one of us breaks, we are all affected by this chain, we decrease. Regardless of the field, everyone was affected differently this year. 

The most important effect of musicians and artists was to connect us all to life, just like our healthcare workers. While doctors took care of our bodies, artists healed our souls and minds. They gave us hope, they calmed us down. They made a great contribution to us to spend every day we stayed at home more beautiful. 

While we are ending 2020 in one way or another, so much has happened in the name of classical music that I cannot finish writing it here. I wish the next new year to be a good year for all of us. It is a healthy year, spent with art and music, spent with our loved ones and a joyful year. 

When we wake up in the morning again in 2021, we hope to wake up with the excitement of the concert we will go to in the evening... 

Stay healthy..

The Uceli Quartet in Barcelona : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9BRbtIgipQ

Chord Change of John Cage's Piece: https:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBZ-3Ob9-7k


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