A Brief Overview of 2021


Golden Gate Bridge Begins to Sing

The Golden Gate Bridge, located in San Francisco, USA, has started whistling and making tonal sounds since June 5, 2020. These voices became increasingly popular in 2021 with videos containing the sounds of the Golden Gate, which the people living in the vicinity also brought to social media. Relevant sources say that the reason why the bridge sings is an engineering error. It is also stated in the sources that the strong wind, passing through the fears added later, makes these tonal sounds. 

Turning this into an opportunity, guitarist Nate Mercereau decided to perform a duet with the Golden Gate bridge and realized this dream in July 2021. He has released a series of duets with sound engineer Zach Parker.

Cambridge University Choir “The Choir Of St. Andrew Nethsingha, Music Director, Breaking the 350 Years of John's Tradition, Managed to Include Women and Girls in the Chorus! 

st. Nethsingha, Music Director of John's College Choir: “To provide Girls and Women with the opportunity to sing as members of The Choir of St John's is a very exciting development for the College's choral tradition. Singing in the choir is a very special art form and our choir has played a formative role in the careers of many world-renowned musicians.” 

Andrew Nethsingha, who pioneered the enrollment of girls and women, is a former organist and has led the choir for 500 years, with a 14-year-old repertoire. 

It also has a reputation for encouraging young singers, promoting contemporary music, and commissioning new pieces from established and emerging composers. 

This decision by the Music Director is unprecedented in choirs like Oxford or Cambridge.             

Source: https://www.joh.cam.ac.uk/girls-and-women-sing-members-choir-st-johns

Atatürk Cultural Center Opened!

Atatürk Cultural Center, better known by its abbreviation AKM, opened its doors to art lovers in 2040 with the Opera Hall with a capacity of 802 people, the Theater with a capacity of 410 people, the AKM Gallery of 2021 square meters and the AKM Multi-Purpose Hall. It is also a versatile cultural center with its gallery, music recording studio, music platform, children's art center, library and Yeşilçam cinema in Kültür Street. 

The new Atatürk Cultural Center, which continues to be the famous meeting and art exhibition area of ​​Taksim Square, will continue to attract the attention of the whole world with its architectural structure.

Kaynak: https://akmistanbul.gov.tr/tr

Pamela Helen Stephen Died At 57. 

Pamela Helen, who was born on the same day as Mozart on January 27, 1964, and whom critics say "She has a Smooth, Creamy, Beautiful Mezzo", died on November 30, 2021, losing her battle with cancer. 

Mezzo-Soprano Stephen started his professional career in 1991 with the works of Mozart and was admired and attracted much attention. Stephen, who has been on the stage for more than 30 years, has 30 album recordings.

Again in 2021, pianist Nelson Freire and conductor Bernard Haitink are among those who passed away. 

Fatma Said Selected as Young Artist of the Year!

Fatma Said, Egypt's cultural and educational ambassador, took her first singing lessons in Cairo at the age of 14. After graduating from the Hanns Eisler School of Music in Berlin in 2013, she was awarded a scholarship to study at the Accademia del Teatro alla Scala in Milan and represented her country on the most prestigious stages of the world as the first Egyptian soprano. Fatma Said, who also received the creativity award in Egypt, was awarded the “Young Artist of the Year Award” by Gramophone. 

On September 30, 2021, the famous tenor Rolando Villazon and Egyptian soprano Fatma Said took the stage at Zorlu Psm and enchanted the audience. Art lovers from Istanbul were also impressed by the romantic dance of the duo and had a night like a fairy tale. 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Newly Discovered Work Performed!

A recently discovered Mozart piano piece was performed by Seong-Jin Cho at the Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation at the opening of the 265 January 27 Mozartwoche Festival, the composer's 2021th birthday.

Mozart's Allegro in D Major had its world premiere (excluding Austria and Korea) on Deutsche Grammophon's online platform DG Stage on January 27, 2021. 

It is believed that Mozart wrote this at the age of seventeen, either nearing the end of his visit to Italy or on his way back to Salzburg.

Describing the manuscript, Ulrich Leisinger, director of research at the Mozarteum Foundation, said: “The really interesting thing is that this handwriting looks pretty unusual to Mozart. Sure, it has its features, but the piece is written very, very fast. In addition, the paper is not really musical paper, it is not a normal piece of paper on which Mozart draws musical notes. 

Pianist Seong-Jin Cho also recorded the single of the same piece. You can listen at the link below. 

To learn more about the work Click here. (The English)

2021 has been a year when we started to experience the moments that we miss more, in terms of culture and arts, the stages were full of people, not plants and empty seats. We left behind this year when we all learned great lessons, embraced art more and took refuge in music. 

I shared with you the activities that I find important and interesting in small living. There are many more, of course, but if I write them here, I can't fit them 🙂 

Particularly, we were all happy that classical music news and concerts took place more in the written and visual media on behalf of our country. Although there is not much to say about the thousands of articles written on how art and economy affect societies, as an educator, while we continue our existence, the most civilized, most aesthetic, deepest, strongest, most conscious, most creative people are those who grow up with art, hear and see art. I can say that there are societies whose economy can bring everyone together with art. 

It is very important to educate the children and young people we are preparing for today's world with high-level thinking methods and to train them with stimuli to improve their emotional intelligence. Let 2022 be such a year.

I wish everyone, in the New Year, first health, then awareness, and then the strength to perceive the importance of a strong artistic infrastructure and take action. 

Respect, love and happy new year to all.


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