A particular cultural product or artist can be attractive to several cultural publics at the same time and thus achieve tremendous success. The achievements of actors like Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe are of this type. In general, multicultural appeal depends on the ability of each public to find something to satisfy their own desires in the same content. It seems that Charlie Chaplin was seen by lower cultures as a boisterous comedian and clown, and by higher cultures as a criticizing satirist. It happens that any product is accepted by everyone because it conforms to the aesthetic criteria of all cultures. (Gans, 1974)⁣

Being able to appeal to all cultural levels can be considered a success, or it can be a requirement for making a living. Artists may have had this experience at some point in their lives.

An excerpt from Mozart's letter to his father on December 28, 1782:

There are two more concertos waiting to enter the concerto series, where tickets will be pre-sold. These concertos are somewhere between very easy and very difficult, they are magnificent, they sound good, they are boring and natural. While there are passages that will please only educated ears, these passages are composed to please the less educated – even if they don't know why... The golden ratio of truth in all things is no longer known or appreciated. In order to be applauded, you have to write a nonsense note that a carriage driver can hum.


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