A Musician's Holiday


If you play a musical instrument and this is not just a hobby for you, but your profession, then it would be useful to look at the concept of "holiday" from different perspectives.

If you ask how a musician's holiday is going...

While a 5th grade student is trying to make the best use of his vacation for purposes such as speeding up his musical and musical development, and increasing his command of his instrument, a student who wants to go abroad in high school or university works hard for the exams of the school he wants to win, while he is a graduate student. A musician who spends his life giving a concert by preparing a thesis, preparing a recital/concert or an exam program to be accepted to an orchestra in order to apply for associate professorship, a musician who has graduated from a master's degree by preparing for proficiency in art, and a musician who has completed his education in order to be accepted to an orchestra, constantly works to stay in shape and train concert programs. By working, a musician-academic tries to place the concept of vacation in his life in a way that serves his work, by contemplating both his own projects and the study plans of his students, and taking concrete steps to bring them to life (this list is endless…).

So what can we do to feed us professionally during the holidays?

In recent years, both in our country and abroad, summer schools and master classes, where students can socialize, witness the performances of people of their own age groups and raise their awareness, meet and listen to valuable teachers, have caught our eye. I believe that these activities, which we can set as a goal for our students, especially during the summer period when they are away from school for a longer period of time, will both contribute to them and add color to their holiday periods. I particularly recommend that our students, who have a foreign target at any stage of their education, follow the master class activities of the teachers they want to work with, and participate if they have the opportunity to meet and study. Thanks to one-on-one work, they may have the chance to discover the harmony or incompatibility between them. It should not be forgotten that it is very important that the mutual expectations and energy between the teacher and the student can intersect at a common point in instrument education.

Another event that they can participate in during the holiday period, as I mentioned in my article titled "We Are Drowning in Competitions", is not a goal, but a means to be put into action at the right time in terms of professional gains. Before the Covid-19 outbreak, I had the chance to participate in such activities with my students and observe the awareness that these experiences created on my students. Although many competitions are conducted online due to today's conditions, I hope that when they start to be held face-to-face in the future, we will return to the old tastes and at least double our achievements.

How about festivals where we can run from concert to concert, listen to precious musicians, go to exhibitions, explore different cities and cultures?

In addition to the activities I have shared with you, the time we will spend with our families and friends on the way to become a healthy individual and musician, the sharing, the memories we will collect, and the special spaces we will create for ourselves, through the discovery of our hobbies or interests, nourish us and even the serene and healthy mood we will achieve will serve us while we are playing our instrument. I would like to remind you that

Finally, we should not forget that our teachers, who guide their students with their homework, study plans and directions during the holiday period, also need rest. Dear students, especially those who are just at the beginning of this long journey... In fact, the rest period of our teachers is an opportunity to transfer your knowledge to your new works and prove yourself with the working principles you have acquired during the year. Time to show what you can achieve on your own...


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