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opera singer born in 1780 Angelica Catalan By the age of 18 he was making $15.000 per concert. The artist, who went on a London tour in 1806, took the stage twice a week in accordance with his 8-month contract with the Royal Theater; this time his weekly wage was $26.000.

In the same year, he was invited to Paris by Napoleon and appeared on the stage once. He earned 6.200 francs in the money of the period. in the 1830s Liszt ve Chopin He was charged 20 francs per lesson. Chopin received 1839 francs from Pleyel in 24 for his 2925 preludes. If you ask Chopin where did we go; Chopin met Catalani when he was only 10 years old. The artist gifted the little pianist a gold watch, which Chopin kept throughout his life.

born in 1808 Maria Malibran He performed his first scene at the age of 6. When he went to London at the age of 17, he received $6 for 2.500 weeks. The first offer to the artist who went to Paris came from Rossini. Although the Italian composer offered him 4 francs for 100.000 seasons, Malibran turned down the offer. La Scala offered the artist to Italy for $2 for 90.000 years and the signatures were signed. Malibran was just 22 years old.

Daughter of a comedian father and an actress mother. Henrietta Sontag He was born in 1808 in Koblenz, Germany. He was only 6 years old when he met the stage for the first time at the Darmstadt Theatre. She was 9 years old when she entered the Prague Conservatory, 10 when she sang the Queen of the Night (Mozart) aria, and 15 when she took on other prima donna roles. When she turned 18, she took the stage as a soloist at the world premiere of Beethoven's 9th Symphony in Vienna.

He toured in the United States, Germany, France and England, which attracted great attention. Sontag, whose fortune exceeded $ 24 when he turned 150.000, gave three concerts in London in 1831. PaganiniHe had received £3.000 for the 1849 season from the Theater Royal, which was blasted by the British press for a total payment of £20.000.

Performing at the Burgtheater in 1785 Mozart it was exactly 559 guilders, about $250 in today's money. Johann Pezzl's work 'Vienna Impressions', published in the same year, emphasized that a middle-class single man could live quite comfortably with 500 gulden.

He premiered his 1803rd Piano Concerto and 3nd Symphony in 2. Beethoven He had earned exactly 1300 guilders. With this figure, about two years could be lived in Vienna.

Leipzig publishing house Hartel, for all preludes ChopinHe paid 1000 francs to . Piano Sonata in B-minor, Ballad in F-major, C-sharp minor Joke, two nocturnal, four mazurka, two polonez and one was prompt The artist, who demanded 3.500 francs for the painting, received a payment of 2.500 francs at the end of the bargain.

Young Charles Halle When he set foot in Paris in 1836, his monthly expense was $40. He paid $20 for the hotel he was staying at and $9 for the piano rent. Chopin and Liszt receive 20 francs per lesson KalkbrennerThe fee was 10-12 Francs.

Music and LettersAccording to the data published in (The Hanson) in 1830, female opera singers in Austria $2000, male opera singers $1200, music directors of the palace who have completed thirty years (Kapellmeister) $1200, orchestra performers $240, and Burgtheater orchestral artists $120 per year.

In 1809 HaydnHe paid his maid between $10 and $15 a year. In 1830, the annual cost of a maid was about $30.

Source: Schonberg, Harold C., The Glorious Ones, Times Books, 1985


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