CSO's Ticket Prices


I see that art in our country is advancing towards a dangerous and vulgar level. It is also sad that I have not seen the absurd situation that I tried to draw attention to above in any music writer, publication or artist profile.

The decay that I pointed out at the beginning of the pandemic has begun. The artist remained without income for a long time, he turned to institutions. The pens that make a living from music produced different projects with income concerns, but had to rely on the same institutions and/or artists. No one can point fingers at anyone, because they either have or will be affiliated with an institution.

That is why it is important to have independent music publications in the country, to liquidate the dinosaur staff, and to include young writers and thinkers in the industry. ⁣

When the ticket prices of Paganini, who was going to give a concert in London in 1831, were so exorbitant, all the written art media reacted and Paganini had to defend himself in writing. (The Harmonicon)⁣

With absurd numbers, you not only make classical music 'rich entertainment', you also create gaps that will take years to close. So are the other concerts on the calendar, tickets are sold with an average of 100 TL. ⁣

The last category is 'discounted student' tickets.

Why do students have to watch a concert in the back? What makes them different from the front row wealthy?

If someone from abroad will definitely come;

  1. Not with foreign philharmonic orchestras, but with sociologists and academicians who can create Turkey's 2022 culture and art plan,
  2. It would be more accurate for the General Manager of the State Opera and Ballet, Mr. Murat Karahan, who crowned his career in Italy, appeared on the covers of important publications and on the leading stages of the world, to return to his office from Italy and to work to guide decision makers on these issues.


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