Emilie M. : Smallest Fan!


Emilie is a junior pianist aged 8-10.

The little girl, who is a fan of Beethoven, sends a wallet she sewed with her own hands to the composer, adding it to the letter she wrote with the help of her teacher. Beethoven's reply dated July 17, 1812 (Teplitz) is as follows;

My dear Emilie, my dear friend! I was delayed in responding to your letter; My busy work and constant discomfort should make me forgive. The fact that I am here for my health is not an excuse, it is proof that I am writing the truth. tearing the laurel crown works of Handel, Haydn, and Mozart; they were dominant, I am not yet. Your wallet, the product of the respect I don't deserve, will be kept with other gifts. Study your art superficially, go deep; he deserves it, only science and art can raise human beings to the holy level. Dear Emilie, you can write to me whenever you need something. A true artist has no pride. Seeing that art has no boundaries, the artist also realizes how far he is from reaching his goal; Although he is appreciated by others, he is deeply saddened by his distance to the point where he can show his genius. I would rather visit you and your family than rich people who betray themselves with their inner poverty. If I go to the city where you live, I will visit you. A person has no advantage other than being loved and being in a different place from others. Dear Emilie, if you want to write to me, write to the address where this letter came from; I'm here for four more weeks. Consider me a friend of you and your family.

Signed: Ludwig v. beethoven


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