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Hello, I cannot describe the emotional state I am in right now. On the one hand, I do not want to do anything because of what is happening in our country, I am so depressed and sad, on the other hand, I say, “No, is it okay? Now I think, I have to write, read, think creatively, benefit humanity” and I turn on my computer and start writing.

I wish that generations, who will find a way to reduce our level of weariness due to forest fires, floods and events that should not happen all over the world and especially in our country, will try to improve our planet and try to understand and question climate change and the deficiencies in many scientific and artistic fields.

Now I have to get into the subject, of course, our topic is classical music. In this article, I decided to go on an ensemble journey with you. I want us to walk together on a path, and maybe get lost in turns and roads that you have never entered.

This month, I would like to share with you a list of my favorites. I wish everyone who can live their holiday to the fullest, listen to these names while listening to music. I would like to share a few ensembles that I follow youtube channels, mezzo tv concerts, spotify lists, and if classical music is really a castle, I can call the room with the most beautiful view of the castle. Because while I am listening, the tones that I wish you dear Parter lovers could hear, are the pearls of this ocean.


One of the best arts journalism websites in the world, The Arts Desk commented on Voces8 that “Voces8 is the Rolls Royce of a cappella ensembles”.

Again, British Voces3 is an ensemble that has received praise from many authorities such as BBC Radio 8 and Gramophone Magazine.

Voces8 tours around the world, presenting both a cappella concerts and a huge repertoire to classical music lovers in collaboration with leading famous orchestras. They enjoy singing so much that you can feel it while watching. They also take pride in inspiring people through music. I think this is their greatest happiness.

The band with Decca Classics artists also owns Voces8 Records. They plan to release their new album "Infinity", which they made with Decca Classics, in August 2021. Every record they have released so far has already reached the top of the charts.

I have been following Voces8 with admiration for a long time. They really have perfect intonation and balance, as Gramophone Magazine says. They perform contemporary compositions and arrangements from Renaissance polyphony.


Bringing together the best musicians of the UK in an effort to perform the best chamber music in the world, The Adderbury Ensemble is one of my favorite ensembles to listen to and watch. Don't get me wrong, the words I wrote above are my own comments from the community's site. They think so, I think they say, “We perform the best chamber music in the world”.

We were able to watch The Adderbury Ensemble on the youtube channel of Oxford Coffee Concert with their live concerts every Sunday at 19.15. He also has a few videos on his YouTube channel Music in Adderbury. So if you visit the community's own youtube channel, there aren't many videos.

Founded in 1986 by a group of the UK's best young freelance musicians, The Adderbury Ensemble presents to the audience both with and without a conductor, and they have a very wide repertoire.

Giving Sunday evening concerts in the beautiful village of Adderbury in North Oxfordshire, the band continued to gain global fame from their early years. They have performed regularly in the UK and other European countries and had their first concert in the United States in Spring 2016.


Ora Singers, an ensemble that won the “The Best Ensemble Of The Year” award at the Opus Klassik Awards 2018. A community that also received praise from The Times writer Geoff Brown. Ora Singers, known as the “Musical Comet” among music lovers, has truly taken its place as a shining star among UK vocal ensembles. The community is led by Suzi Digby OBE.

Ora Singers works with very good composers and makes a great effort to promote these composers as well. Again, they work with the best producers, sound engineers and recording venues in the country, leaving their vision and performance to chance.

Among their last concert performances is a concert at the Tage Alter Music Festival in Regensburg for more than 1000 audiences, and all tickets are sold out for this concert. They both give international festivals and concerts, as well as perform many concerts in England.

The unique thing about Ora Singers is to be able to work with 10 new composers in 100 years and to keep both the old and the new era of choral music alive. For this purpose, many composers are appointed for new works. And again, contemporary composers are supported.


Ensemble Galatia, an ensemble that I listened to live in 2019 at the Guinness-record Gökyay Foundation Chess Museum concerts, which has the world's largest chess collection.

Founded in 2003 by F. Kaan Bahadır and Selçuk Dalar, they later added Serkan Özçiftçi, Gökçe Okul, Gökhan Bulut and Nevin Şahin, both performing the music of ancient times and sharing information and stories about ancient times in the concert.

I would also like to pass on the information I got from their website.

Listening to the melodies of ancient times is actually like opening the door of the house where we spent our childhood away from home for years. There we encounter another "world of meanings" that we lost.

In our first album, we followed the path of songs whose paths crossed in the Mediterranean. We began our journey by singing the songs of kings and peasants, the songs of the sages and warriors, the songs of all the people from the East and the West and drifting in the tides between these two shores. We have collected the tunes, sounds, and lost languages ​​of the various climates of the Old World, sometimes from manuscripts and sometimes from oral traditions.

We hope we can illuminate a small piece of the unique and colorful mosaic of music hidden under the dark veil of medieval imagery.


There are so many ensembles in the world that I can't get enough of writing here, that bring us together with stories, harmony and perfect tones. At least, although I cannot talk about all of them in detail, let me share a list of the ensembles that I have in mind and want to share with you and that I love to listen to, and I would like to ask your permission here this month.

To more beautiful, hopeful, art-filled days...

  • Club For Five
  • Aurora Orchestra
  • The English Chamber Orchestra
  • Anatolian Wind Quintet
  • Trio Appassionata
  • Music In The Somerset Hills
  • Efterklang
  • Apollo 5
  • Sacconi Quartet
  • Couples Quartet


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