In Search of Figaro



The hall resounded with applause. With the last scene of the play and the players coming forward, he received a round of applause. “How amazing!” he thought. On a cold November day in Ankara, there was nothing to do, so he would come out of this room feeling a little bit lonely. Standing ovation, the performers went and the curtain fell. When she turned to her right, she saw him and shivered. So how did he get here?

[A spring breeze]

He was admiring Cemal, who defended the French Revolution at the table and said that this event, which changed the face of the world, should also happen here today. He was like the lower class French, who hated the aristocrats and argued that nothing would change unless the lower class rebelled against the higher one. He paused for a moment to think about how such a nice man could be so full of hate. Every time he opened his mouth, he seemed to fall into class abysses. At that moment, Cemal turned and said, "Well, what do you think?" said. He turned his gaze to the people next to him and said, “Me?” said. "Yes you." To hide his excitement, he said the first thing that came to his mind; "Beaumarchais". Everyone turned to him at once and looked intently at him with eyes wondering what would come next. He continued, ignoring the glances;

“Although he was born and raised in a slum neighborhood, one of the first to support the French Revolution, he made himself accepted by the royal court when he came to Paris in his later years. Those who read the work he wrote know that he also predicted the coming of the revolution. Also, if he had told it in a harsh language like you, he would probably not be known now. We know his works today, although he is not himself because he tells it with the comedy he has set up. Sometimes a better response than a hard stance is a laugh.”
"Barber of Seville," said Cemal, astonished but with admiration at the same time. May winds were blowing in his heart, sweetly…


“Have you read The Barber of Seville? ” Jamal asked. The subject suddenly turned into a book. Some were nodding, some were asking yes, but wasn't it an opera? A hum occurred. Cemal turned and said, “Get out of the way…” smiling. The woman continued to speak; “Beaumarchais is a playwright, yes you may have heard his name mostly along with 'The Barber of Seville' and 'The Wedding of Figaro'. What is misunderstood is the name of each volume of a three-volume play, those operas. Among these plays, Figaro's Wedding, a libretto (poetic opera lyrics) was prepared by Da Ponte at Mozart's request. Thus, the state of opera has survived to the present day. I think it was wanted to be preserved because it tells important things and it has been brought to the present day. Maybe we wouldn't have been able to read what he saw as a slum who entered the royal society, if he hadn't hidden his experiences in comedy. At that time, I think people laughed at the way they were going to cry. When Kazım took a break from his speech and reached for his glass to take a sip of water, Kazım took advantage of this opportunity and said: “It becomes a work of literature, an opera, and a magical world accompanied by music tells us that those times were no different from today. Then let's talk about this piece at the meeting next week, shall we? ” At that time, while he was drinking his water and putting the glass on the table, Cemal came to him and said, "Shall we take a walk? ' he asks the woman. When everyone at the table says ok, he gets up from the table and walks towards the door with Cemal. Their walks are long, summer is coming and the whole summer is accompanying them.

[A summer evening]

While the heat of Ankara scorches during the day, the coolness of the evening brings them closer to each other. At the end of their time they realize how similar they are. They read together and attend meetings. They often go to the theatre, cinema and exhibition together. They never separate, like sugar dissolved in water… They got along so well that their biggest argument took place during a walk, and the subject was the Barber of Seville, or was it Figaro's Wedding? While they were on their phones and reading about the works - when Rossini composed The Barber of Seville - and in thirteen days, Mozart was already acclaimed for his The Wedding of Figaro, first in Vienna and then in Prague. There were years between the staging times, The Barber of Seville, although it was composed later, was telling the time before Figaro's Wedding in the order of the events described in the work. – it makes them laugh that no one is right. Cemal places a kiss on her cheek and they continue walking under the lights of the park.

[As the leaves fall]

At another meeting, the woman was laughing in her most sincere way. The people at the table were surprised, how is it so… One of them couldn't help but ask: "How can you still laugh?" He guessed that the subject would come here, he mouthed without thinking "I must force myself to laugh at everything, for fear of having to cry” words spilled out. He replied with a quote from the Barber of Seville to answer why he laughed so much. He was afraid of crying, forcing himself to laugh at everything. This situation probably put others at ease. Conversations continue, this time the subject was Cemal. They've been asking why she's been coming in less lately, and she didn't have an answer to that. When autumn looks through the door, it is not just a slowly dying nature seen through the window. While her feelings, which were scorched in the summer heat, were extinguished inside, the woman was content to watch it. He could not hear from Cemal for days, but he continued everything from where he left off. He continued to come to meetings and even took the floor again one day. When it comes to failure, he put his relationship aside and explained that every failure is not a defeat with the following sentences; “Rossini gets booed at the premiere of The Barber of Seville. The audience whistles, but that doesn't intimidate him. He arranges it again and allows it to be put back on the stage. The same goes for the French writer, whose theatrical work fails in its premiere. However, as a result of the ongoing trials, it goes down in history as the most shown opera in many places, including America.” While putting the end to his word, Kazım adds; “It will be screened in Ankara in November, shall we go together?” At that moment, a strong wind blew and the door of the place where they were sitting slammed, and the woman jumped from her place. He took his jacket from his chair and left without saying a word to anyone. He walked and thought of Cemal as he was disturbed by the crackling sounds that came with every step he took.

[Final curtain]

Cemal was only in his dreams now. He left the house one morning at the end of September and did not come back. He hasn't called even once since then. The books they read reminded Cemal all over the house. The woman took the Barber of Seville standing by her bedside and began to read something from her heart. There was no Cemal who turned his head and kissed his cheek as he used to. He put the book down. He needed to eat something but had no appetite, so he turned on the television, went through a few channels, and turned it off when he thought about why he was still waking up. In the application he opened to listen to music, he clicked on the music list they made with Cemal and shed a few tears over the songs playing. Jamal was everywhere; Everyone was asking about him on the streets of Ankara, at the meetings he went to, at home, at work… He had nowhere to run. He wanted to walk places he had not walked before, but in the end he was going to places he always knew. He closed his mind and kept walking, until the place where Ankara State Opera was written…

He stopped and saw a poster. He rushed in excitedly and as he walked towards the box office, voices were coming from inside.
“Figaro, Figaro, Figaro… Fi… ga… rooo… Figaroooo…”

He bought a ticket and put it in his pocket.


After the applause ended, he turned towards the exit and saw Cemal. There was someone else with Jamal. He wasn't surprised for some reason… He just tried to walk, but it didn't work. He wanted to sit back down, but it didn't work. As Cemal and the woman next to him were walking away, he looked behind them and the curtain was closed.

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