Quick Facts from the Past: February


February 1 1872British contralto Clara Butt He was born in Southwick, Sussex. 

February 1 1947famous composer in Dmitri Shostakovich He began teaching at the Leningrad Conservatory.

February 1 1896'in Giacomo Puccini His opera, La Boheme, made its premiere in Turin under the direction of conductor Arturo Toscanini. 

February 2 1795Audiences at London's King's Theatre, 62, the city's most famous composer by Joseph Haydn eagerly awaited the performance of his new symphony. The audience, who approached the stage to see him closely, created a circular space in the middle of the hall, and the chandelier that fell from the ceiling during the performance fell into the middle space. Miracle! Miracle! voices were heard. Haydn's work therefore “The Miracle” “Miracle”It is known by the name “. 

February 3 1809German composer in Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy came into the world. On his 12th birthday, on February 3, 1821, his first major work with an orchestra, Die Soldatenliebschaft, was performed as part of the celebration. 

February 5 1887In , Giuseppe Verdi's opera was performed for the first time in Milan. 

February 7 1871'also Henry SteinwayAfter founding the world-famous piano production company that bears his name, he died in New York. 

February 8 1932American major soundtrack composer in John Williams He was born in New York. 

February 8 1908'also Sergei RachmaninoffSymphony No. 2 was staged for the first time. 

February 9 1885Austrian composer in Alban Berg He was born in Vienna. 

February 9 1810Composer in Carl Maria Von Weber He was arrested with his father for embezzlement. 

February 10 1927American soprano in Leontyne Price came into the world. 

February 10 1922The first major symphony concert was broadcast on American radio with the performance of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Ossip Gabrilovich.

February 13 1883German composer in Richard Wagner He died in Venice.

February 13 1727'also George Frederick Handel He applied to the Kingdom to become a British citizen. 

February 14 1959American soprano in Renee Fleming came into the world. Renée Fleming, the world-famous soprano who is described as “one of the most extraordinary voices of our time”, gave a concert in Hagia Sophia at the 39th Istanbul Music Festival on July 22, 2011. 

February 14 1987 Russian composer Dmitri Kabalevsky He died in Moscow. 

February 14 1818Famous composers of the period Ludwig Van Beethoven ve Antonio Salieriwrote articles on the newly invented metronome with advice to composers. 

February 15 1857Russian composer in Michael Glinka He died in Berlin. 

February 16 17648 years old in WA.MozartHe nearly suffocated from his illness. He recovered after a severe sore throat and cold. 

February 17 1872'also TchaikovskyThe second version of "Romeo and Juliet" was staged for the first time in St. Petersburg. 

February 18 1807'also Ludwig Van Beethoven's piano sonata Appassionata number 23 was published. 

February 20, 1823'de Franz Schubert's 'Gretchen at the Spinning Wheel' was performed for the first time in Vienna. 

George Frideric Handel on February 20, 1823 officially became a British citizen. 

On February 20, 1823 The New England Conservatory opened in Boston. 

February 21 1791Austrian pianist and composer Carl Czerny He was born in Vienna. 

February 22 1881'also Max Bruchone of the most popular works of Scottish Fantasy It was staged for the first time in Liverpool with the performance of the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. 

February 23 1685English composer of German descent George Frideric Handel He was born in Halle.

February 23 1934British composer and conductor in Edward Elgar He died in his home in Worcester.

February 24 18187 year old in F He gave his first performance with piano in Warsaw. 

On February 24, 1818  Edvard GriegThe Peer Gynt composed by Ibsen for Ibsen's play was staged for the first time in Oslo. 

February 26 1949English soprano in Emma Kirkby He was born in Camberley.

February 26 1934'also Edward Elgar He was buried next to his wife in Little Malvern. 

February 27 1887'also Alexander Borodin He died in St. Petersburg. 

February 29 1792Italian composer in Gioachino Rossini He was born in Pesaro. 


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