About us

Combining the seriousness of 19th century music publishing with today's technology that enriches the online experience, Parter is a magazine founded in 2020.

The magazine, which is a leader in its field, contains many articles in the fields of Western music, art history and criticism. The magazine also includes fine arts, education, interview and other interdisciplinary fields that intersect with its content.

Parter offers more up-to-date, comprehensive and qualified content than other music and art history publications in Turkey, and stands out with this aspect.


Our magazine appeals to both professionals and academics with its advanced topics, as well as curious amateurs who want to learn about Western music and art history.

Parter has become a daily visited platform by art lovers for news and cultural content, in addition to the monthly online magazine. The most important feature that distinguishes Parter from other publications is its commitment to truth and accuracy and the quality of its current content.

Parter follows a publishing policy with priority to encourage art/music writing, which is one of the biggest shortcomings of our country in the field of art, and to train young writers.


To achieve international recognition and acclaim by maintaining its local success and leadership.