İKSV and Ólafsson


I listened in the morning on NTV Radio; On September 30 and October 30, İKSV will open the recordings of Vikingur Olafsson, who performed Mozart's piano concerto no. 19 with BIPO on Wednesday, August 23, for a fee of 20 TL.

It should be noted that marketing classical music not as "content" but as "product" with the strategy of "Name is Enough" continues to be an indispensable passion of our country.

A line written by the Prince of Montbarrey in his memoir seems to match the audience of the 18th century with the audience of today:

“I gambled with my uncle at the royal palace all night. Since today is sweet Friday, we will go to a concert now.”

The online concert is "live" broadcast. The term "concert recording" should be used when marketing the "old" recording over the Internet. With this aspect, we see how deficient the "live" and "online" concert infrastructures of art institutions are.

It is wrong to connect this with the pandemic, because the famous “Digital Concert Hall” of the Berlin Philharmonic was founded in 2008 and now keeps the institution alive.

If you look at Olafsson's own website, you will see that he has not played the Mozart concerto since 3 August 2019. It seems that the current repertoire of the artist was not preferred.

Let's come to the content/price relationship.

Yes, it is possible to watch special Mozart recordings for free on tape and on YouTube anyway, but I will present you two ways to use your 20 TL more effectively.

We bought the famous Mozart performer Mitsuko Uchida's 53rd & 23th piano concerto recordings (MP24), which won the 3rd Grammy award in classical solo recording genre, for a total of €0.70 (approximately 6 TL). you can download.

Mozart's piano no 1960 played by the legendary name Clara Haskil in Paris, 24 concerto and €5 (44TL)

My Advice to Institutions

The classical music listener is now younger and reading.

He does not unconsciously consume everything that is done, he researches it. Review both your marketing and content strategy. Build your LIVE online concert platform and understand that it is not pandemic focused.

Stream the first episodes of all concerts on social media channels for free. For other sections, your fee should not be more than 5TL.

When the pandemic is over, you will set prices differently for your salons.


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