Have Things Turned Around?


For years, I have had the chance to experience that beyond the teacher-student communication in instrument training, there is a lot of sharing with the opportunity to work one-on-one. I can say that the positive energy environment to be created through healthy dialogue is one of the most important factors that will positively affect the entire education life of the student. At the same time, if we want to receive positive feedback from our students, on another ground, we must give them the sense of self-confidence they deserve. Expressing themselves comfortably with this confidence is an important step for them to become healthy individuals. Otherwise, the resentments and shyness they will experience will not only have an impact on their characters, but will also affect their personal communications and even their performances during the performance. It takes a lot of time to make these bonds, which we try to establish by trembling on them, permanent and are shaped by different dynamics for each student.

It is another fact that the second step has become even more important in our profession, where one-to-one communication is not only between students and teachers. This is the teacher-parent relationship…

If I give an example from my own student years; We worked hard to quickly implement what our teachers said, to gain their appreciation, and to memorize every word that came out of their mouths. Our families were also the biggest support for us, under the leadership of our teachers. We never heard of our teachers being criticized at home. If we were to say that we were dissatisfied with anything with our child minds, we would be told that we made a mistake and that we should talk to our teacher if we have a problem. Our families used to say, “The master of this business, the teacher, knows everything he says”. How precious are these words?

So I ask you, did things turn around?

Are our teachers less valuable today? Are they doing their work of less quality? I ask these questions because every day I come across a new crisis in the teacher-student-parent triangle. Our families have problems expressing or restraining their wishes, waiting for the right time, leaving their teachers alone with their planning and they act intrusive. They forget the importance of the time factor in digesting information in the education process and expect a very quick response. Of course, our children are very talented, hardworking and deserve the best of everything. However, our teachers are also aware of all these facts and are experienced and competent enough to produce the right piece at the right time, send it to the right competition and take it to the right concert. Most of my colleagues are very valuable people who have been jury members in international competitions, have international concert careers, the students they have trained won schools abroad, won awards in competitions, went to important concerts, and worked on behalf of education. With such valuable staff, you can be sure that your children are in the right hands.

Do not forget that by constantly searching, you are giving your child the message that the environment he is in is insecure and not enough for him, and that by behaving in this way, you are hurting the precious teacher-student relationship that was established with a lot of effort. Do not criticize teachers in front of your children. Think about how valuable a teacher is in a child's eyes and how much you can upset them with your criticism. What if the teacher criticizes your child about you?

Dear students, I have only one request from you: Do not go on other journeys without meeting and hugging your teacher who has given you years.


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