Shall we take a look at our classical music knowledge?


If you have dived into the magical world of classical music, you will feel like you will drown at the first stroke, at least I felt that way when I started listening to it because it is such a deep and wavy, vast sea that one feels like drowning. Most importantly, a piece that you could not finish if you listened to it for the rest of your life has been composed, and the composer has left a mark on history that is not enough to be recognized. 

As such, our knowledge of classical music, which remains to a certain extent, is increasing day by day, and we discover a new piece every day. As I read these words, I know that classical music lovers shake their heads as if to say that. 🙂 In the same way, I can hear those who are not interested in classical music saying, “What do you understand from this underclothing” if they are reading this article even by chance 🙂 

Joking aside, I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said that in the 21st century, where there are unlimited resources, this is a great chance, there weren't that many resources in my youth, even we would go to libraries and listen to music. Let me not pass without expressing our gratitude to Bilkent University's library. Where is spotify, youtube, mezzo tv? Who lost so that we could find the situation in the past. In order to buy a cd in our cd (compact disc) player, we had to pay a significant amount of money and be able to buy a cd. We would like to express our thanks to Dost bookstore in this regard. Magazines would have gift CDs. I would never miss it. Trt Radio 3 was our lifeblood 🙂 Of course it still is. What a day. We are very happy that Trt 2 concerts have started again, aren't we?

Let's come to the topic, the weather has warmed up in these beautiful spring months, while we are still struggling with the epidemic, while we are doing a post-doctorate on finding a job in our homes, I wanted to take a look at how well we dominate our classical music repertoire. Because I know that if you are reading this article, you must be listening to music during the day. Of course, my purpose in doing this is to remind you of the works you have forgotten, to discover what we do not know and to have some fun. I do this from time to time and have a lot of fun discovering works that I don't know. I thought about it and maybe you will like it too. I know we all need morale. 

Then if you're ready, let's get started. 

  1. Who may have composed Appalachian Spring in 1944? 

a – Erik Satie

b – Ralph Vaughan Williams

c – Benjamin Britten

d- Aaron Copland

  1. Who may have composed Le Jeu De Robin Et Marion in 1283?

a – Guido D'arezzo

b – Adam De La Halle

c – Hildegard Of Bingen

d – Gilliaume De Machaut

  1. Who may have composed The Rite Of Spring (Le Sacre Du Printems), a ballet and orchestral piece, in 1913? 

a – Maurice Ravel

b – Bela Viktor Janos Bartok

c – Claude Debussy

d – Igor Stravinsky

  1. Who may have composed Also Sprach Zarathustra in 1896? 

a – Richard Strauss

b – Franz Liszt

c – Pyotr Ilyich Tchaiskovsky

d – Giuseppe Verdi

  1. Who composed The Wreckers Opera in 1906?

a – Ethel Smyth

b – Arnold Schoenberg

c – Charles Edward Ives

d – Edgard Verese

  1. Who may have composed the Peer Gynt Suit in 1875?

a – Hector Berlioz

b – Edvard Grieg

c – Franz Schubert

d – Ludwig Van Beethoven

  1. Who may have composed The Magic Flute Opera in 1791? 

a – Gioachino Rossini

b-Frederic Chopin 

c – Johannes Brahms 

d – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 

  1. Who might have composed the World War II Quartet For The End Of The Time in 1940?

a – Colin McPhee

b – Francis Poulenc

c-John Cage

d – Oliver Messiaen

  1. By whom might the Symphonie Fantastique have been composed in 1830?

a – Ludwig Van Beethoven

b – Hector Berlioz

c – Antonio Vivaldi

d – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 

  1. To which composer might the Musique De Table (1733) belong?  

a – Claudio Monteverdi

b- Henry Purcell

c – George Frideric Handel

d – Georg philipp Telemann 

  1. Who may have composed the opera La Traviata in 1853? 

a – Giacomo Puccini

b – Giuseppe Verdi

c – Richard Strauss

d – Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

  1. By whom might the Tosca Opera have been composed in 1900? 

a – Giacomo Puccini

b – Jacopo Fairy

c – Gioachino Rossini

d – Giovanni Gabrieli

  1. By whom was Rhapsody In Blue composed in 1924?

a – Jennifer Higdon

b-Philip Glass

c – George Gershwin

d – Heitor Villa Lobos

  1. By whom might the Lacrimae have been composed in 1604? 

a – Thomas Tallis

b-John Dowland

c-William Byrd

d – Thomas Weelkes

  1. Der Ring Des Nibelungen Who could own the 1857 epic operas composed in 4?

a – Robert Schumann

b – Richard Wagner

c – Richard Strauss

d-Maurice Ravel

Yes, I hope I answered with pleasure, had fun, and was able to remind you of the works that may or may not be in your repertoire. Of course, this list has no end, questions and works are never finished, but with this mini quiz, we refreshed our memories a little!


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