Famous Letter: Immortal Beloved


The next five days of Beethoven, who left Vienna on July 2, 1812 and went to Teplice (Czech Republic), is the period in which his biographers did the most research in his entire life. The reason is two words found in a letter that has been served to popular culture: Immortal Beloved (Immortal Beloved) – Before sharing the full text of the three-part letter on the morning, evening and morning of July 6, I would like to give a reminder of Emily Anderson, the editor who compiled Beethoven's letters. According to Anderson, the expression "unsterbliche Geliebte" used by Beethoven should be translated as "eternally beloved". All of the English editions have included the translation of "immortal beloved".

6th of July, morning.

My angel, my everything, my essence; Just a few words today, with your pen-My accommodation will be finalized tomorrow-it's a useless waste of time! – Why this deep sadness, just when I need it – can our love survive through sacrifices? Without demanding everything from each other; Can you change the fact that I'm not all yours and you're not mine? – My God! Look at the beauties of nature and find peace with it – love rightly demands everything – this peace can come true with me being with you and you with me. If you remember that I have to live for myself and for you, you will understand the pain of this as much as I do when we are fully together – My trip was terrible! I got here yesterday around four o'clock in the morning. He used a different route because the carriage had not enough horses; but what a lousy route, I was warned not to travel at night. We had to stop with the horse carriage on the muddy road, a road with only mud on the ground. Esterhazy took the well-known route with her eight-horse chariot, but she suffered the same fate as me. I can't say that I am not satisfied with this, I am happy when I overcome the difficulties. We must see each other as soon as possible; Also, it's so hard for me to share with you the feelings I've had in my life in the last few days; If our hearts could be together, I wouldn't have experienced any of this! My heart is filled with so many feelings for you – oh – there are moments when I think even speaking is not enough – be happy! – remain my true and only love, just as I belong to you!

6th of July, evening.

You're in pain, my beautiful being-I've just learned that letters are supposed to be posted early Monday or Thursday morning- the stagecoach only goes from here to K. (Karlsbad?) on these dates- You suffer-Where I am, you're there too- I'll make sure it's with you, so we can live together. A life pursued by the good of humanity, here or there, that I want far less than what is shown to me; What kind of life? Without you! – Human humility towards one another – it pains me – When I think of my connection with the Universe, who am I and who is He? – He is what we think is the strongest – Herein lies the divine power within human beings – I am crying as he announces that he will not receive the first report from me until Saturday. As much as you love me – I love you even more! Don't hide yourself from me - good night - I must go back to bed now that I've been to the hot springs - God! -Very close! Too far! Isn't our love as strong as a bond from Heaven and its lock?

7th of July, morning.

I'm still in bed, you're in my thoughts, my immortal darling (Immortal Beloved); happy, then sad, waiting to find out if fate will hear us. – I can only and completely live with you or not! – I have decided to wander far away until I fly to meet you, say I am really at home, and send my soul inside you to the spirit world! Yes, that's how it should be, albeit unhappy – You know my devotion to you. No one else can have my heart-never-never! Oh my god! Why do people who love each other so much stay apart from each other? And now my life in Vienna is miserable!

Your love makes me both the happiest and the saddest person in the world.

At my age, one seeks a quiet and orderly life – can't it be with you? – My angel, I have learned that the stagecoach has started to work every day, I will send this letter to you as soon as possible so that it can reach you as soon as possible – Calm down, only with calm and reasonable considerations we can achieve our dream of living together – Keep calm – love me – today – yesterday – what is it for you? tearful longing! – your – your – my life – my everything – goodbye. Keep loving me- Never judge the faithful heart of your lover.

Always yours, Always mine, Always ours.

Signed by: L.


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