Caner Ünsal with a Minimal Touch


There are timeless compositions that we listen to, remember, want to hear more, and ageless compositions in our lives. This is exactly how it is about a composition and composer who is with us now and will stay with us.

Caner Unsal was born in 1985 in Istanbul. Consisting of 2 waltzes and 1 etude, Ep released his album defined by neoclassical music this year. Inspired by musicians such as Philip Glass, Michael Nywman, and Olafur Arnalds, the composer's goal is to bring innovative electronic music to the stage and promote it with a small budget.

The covers designed for the album give us clues, but when we look at the album, although the whole album has a romantic structure, it is the composer who also included Mozart's classical elements. At the same time, when you listen to compositions that are easy to understand, they both excite you and arouse curiosity.

The album consists of season names taken from Japanese.

Aki (autumn) opens the window and engulfs us. Composed in the form of a waltz, the piece not only makes us feel deep pain, but also makes us shudder like the wind blowing through the window, and makes us embrace those beautiful memories.

Haru (spring), this part, which introduces us to the real feeling, was composed as a piano study. Music sounds like an angry, a little uneasy feeling that finally goes away. It is the opposite of our feelings in the spring, and here it surprises us, the composer. The music flows and ends abruptly.

In Fuyu (winter), which we listen to in the form of a minimal waltz, the story is completed. It's as if the composer says hope at the end and is grateful for what he's been through. Like the feeling when we warm our hands around a fire. Thank you for the memories that remain.

We usually see or look for a story in every composition. The composer puts his experiences or thoughts on paper to connect with us and expects us to understand him, to feel just like him, and sometimes not to analyze him. Caner Ünsal tells many things with a single touch in his compositions. So much so that what we call minimalism is to make the story feel directly without needing to say too much, right?

The young composer has released a successful album in a genre that does not have many examples in Turkey. It has succeeded in building a real bridge, especially in our country where classical music does not attract much attention and the audience is in the minority. I am sure that you will listen to it with pleasure just like us, and you will make him a timeless composer by following his new compositions.

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Single Covers: Biray Demiray 


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