The Opera is Coming to the City!


The graph I prepared below shows that the number of opera and ballet audiences across Turkey accelerated from 1990 thousand to 2019 thousand between 250 and 325. The average number of spectators in the last 30 years has been 287 thousand.⁣

The number of spectators throughout Turkey has increased by an average of 10 every 30.000 years. Tragic, even disgraceful, according to all the published strategies and performance targets.

I have spent the last two months reading almost entirely on culture and sociology, reading dozens of articles, theses and studies. In the basic principle, it has been accepted that the only factor required for an art branch belonging to the high-culture public to attract more attention is to increase the education and its quality (the section that constitutes the high-culture public and the culture of taste). Moreover, there are studies that provide this.

The education statistics I've reviewed tell us: From 2010 to 2020, the number of higher education graduates increased 2.5 times and the number of graduates increased 3 times.

Why can't we see the leap we see in higher education in opera audiences? ⁣

The first reason is the quality of education. Your cultural multiplier is not the number of universities, but the quality of the education you provide. ⁣

However, the second and most important – in my opinion – are the strategies that the institution has been implementing and have not been able to achieve tangible success for 30 years. ⁣

Composer, tenor, conductor... All tried. Opera and ballet directorship requires management skills. Artists can be quite useful on relevant advisory boards, but not on management. ⁣

In my opinion, the appointment of directors of the Vienna State Opera and the French State Opera in 2020 is the scientific result of a correct reading of sociology. ⁣

Contrary to popular belief, participation in opera and ballet culture has little or no connection with economy or politics. If it is difficult to assimilate, you can work on the data. ⁣

I hope our country's art institutions also review their 30-year-old strategy and assignment culture that is far from concrete results.


Image: The world's most ridiculous opera commercials, “Opera Coming to the City” – Where was it before?⁣


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