Fragmented Elite


Where the elite (elite) exist in fragmented form – where wealth is plentiful – artistic genres (genre) are highly segregated and have weak long-term bonds.

The best example of this situation is that New York, which has a larger population and wealth distribution compared to Boston, which formed the symphony orchestra in 1881, could not display a common attitude until the merger of the New York Philharmonic Society and the New York Symphony Orchestra in 1928.

As New York's elite supported different conductors, the repertoire diversified and for-profit orchestral programs diversified. The music culture of the city has also taken its share from this differentiation.

The argument I mentioned in the first paragraph belongs to Paul DiMaggio. To test its accuracy, I analyzed the statistics of the State Opera and Ballet operating in 6 provinces with the wealth, population and education statistics published throughout Turkey.

It seems that DiMaggio's determination is not faulty.

Istanbul and Ankara take the first two places in wealth distribution, but are far behind in terms of population/audience. ⁣
62. In Mersin, which is in the rank, the public's fondness for opera/ballet is ahead of the big cities. ⁣

Antalya ranks eighth in Turkey in wealth distribution, but takes the lead in cultural participation because it ranks sixteenth in education, another determining factor.


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