Organology Studies in Turkey – III


At the 2004st International Symposium on Anatolian Music and Instruments in 500, Etem Ruhi Üngör said that the first thing to do is to establish the Turkish Instruments Museum and to prepare the Turkish Instruments Encyclopedia as soon as possible. He has a collection of XNUMX pieces on this subject.

Figure 1: Part of Üngör's 500-piece collection (Berkel, 1970))

Music Museum and Sound Library (MÜZİKSEV) was opened by İzmir Culture, Art and Education Foundation (İKSEV) in 2006. This museum has the distinction of being the only museum in the country in its area. The museum reflects the rich musical culture of not only Izmir but also Turkey. Many resources are exhibited, from original Turkish instruments to contemporary Turkish composers, valuable notes and music books.

In 2008, Veyis Yeğin stated in his article titled "Some Opinions on the Problems of Our Instrument Making Art" that the researched history of instrument making in our country has not exceeded a century. According to Yeğin, baglama has a history of more than 4000 years in Anatolia, and this subject adheres to the disciplines of archeology and history and is not studied in terms of musicology. For this reason, he drew attention to the connection between tone and cultural identity that the subject should be investigated immediately. He grounded the art of instrument making, which was transferred with the master-apprentice tradition, in two ways: material and spiritual. While the accumulations on the material basis are acquired by trial and error method, the ethical values ​​of the profession are formed on the moral basis.

In 2010, Bülent Ecevit University State Conservatory Instrument Making Department was established under the chairmanship of Cem Dertsiz. Unlike other instrument making departments, only western style string instrument making training is given in this university. The aim of the department is to meet the need for quality instruments in our country and to strengthen the musical structure. Students who successfully complete the department graduate as luthier, that is, instrument maker.

In 2015, Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University State Conservatory Instrument Making Department organized an exhibition in the Presidential Symphony Orchestra, whose effects lasted for a long time. Soyoung Yoon, one of the most important violinists in the world, gave a concert with a violin produced in this section. In addition, faculty members of the department participated in world-famous violin making competitions such as Germany - "Wittenwalt" International Violin Making Competition, Italy Cremona "Triennale" International Violin Making Competition and Poland "Henryk Wieniawsky" International Violin Making Competition.

As can be seen, although the compilation studies carried out "towards the public" in the first years of the republic were about compiling folk songs in the field of music, folk instruments began to be compiled over time. In 1925, Gazimihal openly wrote that there was not enough research on folk instruments and that this field was a brand new "search ground". Thanks to both individual compilations and compilation trips organized by Darü'l Elhan and subsequent institutions, the foundations of the discipline of organalogy in our country have begun to be laid. It is obvious that the establishment of the Instrument Making Workshop at the Turkish Music State Conservatory in 1936 was a touchstone. In 1976, Açın opened the Instrument Making Department of the Istanbul Music State Conservatory and his subsequent work led to significant progress in the field. All these developments have allowed the discipline of organology to gain ground as an independent discipline. Thus, organology; It has provided a consensus on many issues such as the standardization, instrumentation, classification of instruments and the selection of materials to be used in instrument making. However, there are still contributions to be made in this discipline. It is the first music museum in the field of Musicsev, which was opened in Izmir in 2006. Whereas the Brussels Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in Belgium was founded in 1877 and has been serving the public for almost 150 years. There is no instrument museum established by the state in our country. At this point, cooperation with the owners of personal instrument collections can be carried out, a place can be made for personal instrument collections in museums, and collections can be purchased if possible. In addition, in some countries, instrument making departments are within engineering faculties. Standardized instruments can be considered as an engineering product. In Turkey, the interaction between engineering faculties and conservatories can be increased in the coming years.


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