XAM66124 The Concert (see also 51374) by Master of Female Half Lengths (c.1490-c.1540); Private Collection; Flemish, out of copyright

Are We Aware of the Treasure Near Us?


The importance of starting music, sports and language education at a very young age is an undeniable fact. In these educational areas where talent covers a significant percentage, it is very important to discover the interests and skills of children, to be directed to the right address at the right age (these ages may differ according to the perception level of each child), and to create a stable working environment, in addition to their genetic heritage.

In our country, there are many conservatories that start full-time education as of the 5th grade. Especially when viewed from the perspective of artistic instruments, solfeggio, chamber music and musical theoretical lessons, being kneaded in the tradition of the conservatory and getting used to the working principles provides a great advantage on the way to success. So, do you know about the "Part-Time" education program where talents can be discovered at younger ages, families will find time to exchange ideas about raising a musician child and observe the process, and which feeds conservatories in terms of full-time student acquisition?

There are conservatories in our country that run the Part-Time program, and each has different entry requirements that they set in terms of age and examination methods. What I want to tell at this point is the common purpose of this program. As a teacher who has been raising students in the Part-Time system for many years, I am happy to discover talented children and bring them into the full-time system and raise children who make music a part of their lives. We are talking about a very valuable education system, where the first seeds are planted, not only to choose students for the full-time system, but also to raise knowledgeable listeners who will come to our concerts, to create an intellectual society that can talk and discuss music, and to raise musician family members who can understand the work patience and enthusiasm of their children towards music. Are we aware of this treasure right next to us?

It is very pleasing to witness that there have been hundreds of applications to these programs in recent years, that people's awareness and interest in art in our society have increased. During the period from the exam stage to the end of the education process, first of all, the trust in the relevant conservatory and the Part-Time program, and after the education process starts, the efficient communication between the student-teacher and simultaneously the healthy dialogue between the parents and the teacher are the key to making music permanent in the child's life. forms the triangle.

It is obvious that the opinions of our teachers, who believe in the functioning of the Part-Time system and put forth their efforts, are very valuable. When a student is diverted from part-time to full-time or is determined to be ineligible for full-time, we must remember that these decisions are for the student's sake only. In our profession, where the workload is increasing day by day, even if families face the determinations about their children from time to time, it takes them on difficult journeys. Then failures and an unhappy educational process begin.

I must say that the part-time education program is very important to lead our children in the step of becoming a professional musician when appropriate, to walk with them on the way to being a good listener from time to time, and sometimes to raise future parents who know music and can weigh their talents. In this respect, it should be noted that the only aim of the Part-Time program in conservatories is not absolute vocational education.

Let's protect this treasure together. You increase your interest and the value you place on art, and we will raise the musicians, music lovers and music people of the future.


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