Bach for Beginners


There is a piece for all ears in Bach's unique music and harmony. Maybe this is one of the main factors that makes it great.

Solo Violin Sonata / III. Sicilian – BWV 1001

It is quite difficult to write music just for the violin. Although the tolerance for solo piano works stems from the sound range of the instrument, the sound widths for violin are somewhat limited and risky. It is here that we understand the importance and greatness of the name Bach. It imprisons us with the magical sound of the violin for almost four minutes.

1st Cello Suite / Prelude I – BWV 1007

If, like me, you have ears in love with the sound of the cello, you can listen to all six pieces in the suite. Below is the presentation of the first suite.

Goldberg variations / Arya – BWV 988

It is one of the important works of literature consisting of an aria and thirty variations. I hope that with this aria, I have the opportunity to introduce the harpsichord sound and perhaps make it popular.

2. English Suite / IV. Sarabande – BWV 807

The English and French Suites are among the works that promote Bach's glory. This relaxing episode is reason enough to start the suites.

Sonata for Flute and Harpsichord / II: Siciliano – BWV 1031

If you want to anchor your soul in a quiet port, you can leave yourself to Bach. You must listen to this wonderful piece, in which the harp is used instead of the harpsichord.

Lute Suites

Bach's keyboard compositions are talked about all the time, but his suites for lute (or Renaissance lute) are hardly known. A good start to listen to this unique instrument and the music of Bach.


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