Field for Beginners


Known as the inventor of the nocturnal music genre, Field is a great pianist. This virtuoso, which is reflected in Beethoven's speech notebooks, of course, has works decorated with wonderful melodies that should be heard apart from the nocturne. I will try to introduce John Field for you; with the music of course.

4. Nocturn / H.36

Reflecting a mysterious and misty mood, the work is a must-listen for those who are curious about the undeveloped but masterfully depicted version of the Nocturn genre. Another reason might be to understand how much Chopin was influenced by Field.

2. Piano Concerto / I. Allegro moderato / H.31

This work, which was the answer to the question of how a romantic composer like Field could have a Piano Concerto, was also appreciated by the composer and music critic of the period, R. Schumann. A concerto that must be completed by those who are satisfied with the first part.

3. Piano Sonata / I. Non troppo allegro / H.31

Being a student of a legend like Clementi and being able to leave the classical sonata form so far behind, must be unique to Field. Horizons that you will be surprised while listening.

6. Nocturn / H.40

Another nocturnal rich in melodic structure. What is different this time is that the piece was performed with an old-era square piano. For those who love the magic of period instruments.


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