Kalkbrenner for Beginners


With this series, I plan to introduce pianists whose names most music lovers do not even know. Ideally, someone who has never heard of Chopin is within the same distance of Kalkbrenner. These discoveries will introduce us to new names and works that lived outside of “well-known” artists and pioneered many of them.

I will not share biographical information about Kalkbrenner here. I hope you get to know him with his best music, and if you're curious, you'll read his life story online.

1. Piano Sonata / III. Rondo – Presto / Op. one

The last part of the sonata, which is Kalkbrenner's first composition, is an enlightening selection both to introduce the classical period and to represent the young composer's immature ideas. A cute melody that you can listen to different variations at a fast tempo.

2. Piano Quintet / II. Andante Quasi Adagio / Op. 81

Written for clarinet, horn, cello, bass and piano, the second part of the Quintet is quite elegant. It is quite enjoyable to listen to the horn in a Quintet.

1. Piano Sextet / III. Cantabile / Op. 58

Piano Sixers are not often encountered. There is also Kalkbrenner's Piano Seven, but the third part of this Sixth is almost chamber music that offers many moods together.

Variations on Chopin's Mazurka / Op. 120

Chopin was a huge Kalkbrenner fan. Although the composer offered Chopin to work together, Chopin politely declined this offer as he had drawn a program that took years. This work by Kalkbrenner is a long and creative work on variations of a Mazurka composed by Chopin.


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