Mozart for Beginners


It is quite difficult to introduce a composer as prolific as Mozart in a few selected works, but I have to prepare a list that does not overwhelm the ears with depth and gives an idea about the composer. I hope it will be useful and interesting.

D Major Rondo – K.485

I find it appropriate to start with a piano piece full of excitement and joy. Rondo forms in Western Music are generally based on the repetition of a main theme and its variations (two or more). In this piece, too, you will hear different presentations of the opening theme. It is a work that is as deep as it is entertaining.

1. Horn Concerto – K.386b

If you haven't listened to the horn before, it is one of the favorite works of the limited repertoire written for the instrument. The first episode is enough.

23. Piano Concerto / II. Chapter / Adagio – K.488

Mozart's Piano Concertos are in themselves wonderful works. It is very important to listen to this Adagio section, which has a somewhat sad and emotional structure among the works that have witnessed almost every period of the composer. The melodic richness sparkles dazzlingly.

11. Piano Sonata / Part I / Tema con variazioni- K.331

Mozart Piano Sonatas are an indispensable repertoire for every pianist. The work I chose was a selection of tasteful works consisting of different and short themes, proving how skillfully Mozart could develop a melody. After this concert, which lasts for about fourteen minutes, a desired piano sonata can be listened to.

Figaro's Wedding Opera / III. Episode / Duet: Sull'aria- K.492

I do not recommend Opera for beginners, but there is a wonderful duet in the third act of this famous opera. After listening to this short aria, Mozart's mastery of the Opera genre may arouse your curiosity.


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